Even though I’m older now.

Almost 46.

I’m still beautiful-

Even if I don’t get the same external validation I did in my youth.

I’m still beautiful-

Even as my skin suit wrinkles, sags, and folds.

I’m still beautiful-

And I get to learn that if I want to hear it, I get to tell it to myself.

I’m still beautiful-

Even if I start to believe what others might say to the contrary.

I’m still beautiful-

In my tender humanness,

with all my faults, frailties, and fuckups.

I’m still beautiful-

Because I AM.

Because I exist.

Because I’m a spark of god in human form here to re-member this truth.

I’m still beautiful-

Even when I act ugly, or

Treat myself and others ugly.

Because I know the innate goodness of my Heart ❤️

I’m still beautiful-

I can remind myself of this by looking into my own and others’ eyes and seeing the beauty that transcends the external✨

I’m beautiful, and so are you.

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